2 perceptions never meet. They will never meet, so true, this statement lingers in the back of my eyes while concluding that certainly, this is the only thing that truly connects us as human beings: the knowledge of our experience. This knowing of knowledge is independent of what is known. Discovery is stillness, while movement is a primordial cause of creation in time and space in the three-dimensional plane of matter-reality.    

Jamie Grace Davis’ pro-ject ‘Points of Connection’, started as an attempt to deal with time and space, by literally move throughout time zones, customs, languages, and uncertainties, as if a world map could shrink in a few steps, an effort toward oneself out in itself. In this endeavor the body is taken as a site, a starting point to generate an aesthetic experience.

         “I thought about what it would be like to draw a line across time and space with myself.”    

In this external journey of sounds, sights, tastes, and textures, space takes place exhausting the body and filling with wonder a mind that restlessly navigates in time, an internal journey of thought, traveling in what it was and what it will be, lost memories, potential imagined encounters. A voyage to marvel, to observe, and to collect…

Watching the movement of water from street cracks, to wild rivers, and blue oceans Davis links herself to water as a dancer, flowing among landscapes and following the water lines of Devon Paris, New York, Oahu, Bombay Beach, Oslo, Greve, and Berlin assembling information, histories and changing found objects-surfaces to paintings.

While surveys and surroundings nourish her choices of palettes, the pouring and layering of thinned down acrylic paint processes characteristic of Davi’s visual aesthetics repeat meticulously, leaving her particular visual mark; almost as if an x-ray of brain’s functions had been printed at the pictorial surface, as eroding rivers impresses at the land.

The movement continues and transmutes from painterly surfaces to land surfaces.

         “As the most performative aspect of the process of Points of         Connection so far, the space between Berlin to Tel Aviv I’ m following the Waters ways on foot. The ultimate test in figure, ground, time and space. I cannot wait to see how it will affect the paintings.”

In flattening the globe and looking from above an image of multiple points emerge, not one single perspective, a practice of decentering per se, a journey of continuous letting go in order to be “immersed in the landscape”. 

       “If I am a figure in the ground, first from real experience then ways of perceiving translate to the picture plane to reflect those new ways of seeing.”

While here has no point in space and cannot be found in time, we may tell ourselves multiple stories and look out there in everyday things of quotidian routines to distant mountains just to find, to see now — a form turns to an image, stillness sinks in, and the search stops.

        “I’ve been having a discussion of late, with myself, and those in my field, about this pilgrimage. A Journey. Quest. More like an inquisition or a way to interrogate the universe....still a thing I cannot yet name. For short we'll call it a long walk. A Sojourn, a Soudad, to see from the highest place of your dreams, what does it means to the wanderer. We all wonder, drift, in our minds in our hearts, restlessly, some of us take it up. In the words opf Lori Waxman, Keep Walking Intently.”


Marcela Gottardo, guest curator, and artist.

Jamie Grace Davis, Prescience/Points of Connection 2018, GRIMMUSEUM gUG, Berlin