In meditating and inquiring upon the nature of self, a subject-object within a context, I look at ways we construe the world and perceive reality cannibalizing through aesthetic means and processes of creating.

In my making, I explore structures, spatial relationships, colors, and shapes to create a sense, a sound. In a ritualistic activity, I play with materials until evoking its own being-ness within a process of instinct and contemplation. My compositional method is experimental and improvisational, forms are arranged and rearranged spatially until an abstract image appears and touches me in a moment.

In daily life, while observing the world I gather my subject matter and it can be anything, including natural formations, my own body, everyday objects, scientific schemes, written language, architecture, indigenous pictograms, etc.

My art practice employs a variety of mediums such as wall reliefs, sculptures, paintings, collages, ceramics, and photographs, which are display throughout the exhibition space in compositional arrangements that reiterates the initial process of creating each individual art object.

Even though I utilize diverse mediums, they all spring forth from the tradition of painting, which I consider to be a process of transformation, the letting go of preconceived concepts, and the loosing of self in the making. 

The artworks function as an invitation to explore in the sensorial plane allowing an openness to participate in the construction of meaning.