a descoberta

My thesis show titled a descoberta means in Portuguese act or purpose of discovering and it explores materials of making and the very architecture of the exhibition space as a subject matter. In this endless-self referential loop of materials and referents I am interested in the process of reflecting on how meanings and hierarchies loose their oppositional forces and cancel each other out. I continuously define a system in my making that utilize oppositions, such as: flatness and volume; chaos and structure; form and formless; absence and presence; interiority and exteriority; artificial and natural. These oppositions are made apparent through materials and processes alike that help me to discover new form-ideas that in turn can be introduced in the next piece.

In the act of seeing, a direct relationship with the world is established through the experience of being.

Like an archaeologist I preserve all my findings in the form of fragments that carry the possibility to become, to be transformed into the next idea-form. The way I think of the medium of plaster and photography is in direct relationship to time, positive and negative, impressions, and as index to the material world. My work involves the relations between internal spaces of freedom and the outwardly pre-given architecture of the exhibition space.

Marcela Gottardo